Teves – month of Nesirah

Whenever one wishes to understand the character of a month, the first thing to examine is the holiday schedule of that month. Since each month represents a spiritual force coming into play, that force is most clearly expressed through the days of note that are present in that month. If we look at the structure…

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Additional notes on the 8th podcast

There was an essential aspect of Nesirah that I left out, which is explained here, as well as the special aspect of the first and last moment of these seventy days starting a week before Shavuos and ending with the ninth of Av. Download the podcast (Moshiach podcast 8.5) here. Running time: 20:29

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Last week of Nissan

As we hit the last week of Nissan, we get to the end of the ten month tikkun that began with Rosh Chodesh Av of last year. It is not a coincidence that the PA has reconciled with Hamas and it was in the news last night. It is the Nesirah process moving forward, as…

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