Fields of Judah

Fields of Judah, sing your songAs the sun sets and its rays cast long shadowsacross the stalks lazily wavingIn the soft breezevoices whispering as they singTrust, just trustfor Hashem is all you needHe’s with you at every turneven as we sway to and froHe’s with us, tooFor all the fear melts awayWith trust. There’s no…

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How Fortunate Are We

Guest post by Daniel How Fortunate Are We, How Wonderful is Our Portion, and How Beautiful is Our Heritage Today, the traffic-jammed street is fullOf people and not cars. The only wheels movingAre strollers pushed by young couplesAnd scooters chased by little brothers. The many passersby have made a coupAgainst traffic lightsThat signal no one.…

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