Watch your pride

The leaders of Israel make a decision to enter into Gaza, and surprise Hamas with a devastating attack. The operation has begun and there is certainly promise in what is being done. Yet, we see events unfolding with a superficial eye. We believe that what we see on the surface is what is really happening.…

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The Yetzer Hara's last stand

A friend of mine recently shared with me a very beautiful idea which I found to be insightful. He told me that he heard from his rebbe that in the times before Moshiach, as the Yetzer Hara’s power is waning and he is nearing his defeat, he makes his final stand. His behavior is similar…

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Pride Kills

Twenty five people were killed yesterday in a road accident here in Israel. The news reports that the two drivers were ‘racing’ right before the fatal nightmare. The driver had a record of driving incidents. This tragedy holds a profound lesson for us. On occasion I have a simcha that I will sing in Jerusalem…

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