Reb Elchanan Wasserman

Elul and Moshiach

Just a brief thought, following up on a previous post. I believe that Elul is a tremendously significant month for the Geulah process. We see it as we look over recent history, from the beginning of World War II (17th of Elul), to the World Trade Center bombing (23 Elul). Most recently, a significant moment…

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Rav Elya Svei's hesped and more

A reader of this blog was at Rav Elya’s levaya, and shared with me that Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Philadelphia, in his eulogy of Rav Svei, said that Rav Svei had said ten years ago that Moshiach would come in 2009. A comment on the previous post gave the following link…

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Seventy years

In the previous posts we saw that there is a significant period of seventy years that constitutes the ‘pregnancy’ of the redemption. It is characterized by a ‘conception’ which is especially difficult, and a ‘birth’ which is difficult as well. In light of this, the story that I mentioned a while ago becomes ever-so-interesting. Here…

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