Miketz – Wake Up Call

Why do the brothers only start speaking about their guilt in regards to the sale of Yosef when they have been released from incarceration? Why don’t they think of it at the beginning? What is the depth of the idea that Yosef is telling them when he says, “Do this and live?” What does it…

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Vayeshev – Shimon and Yosef

Why was it specifically Shimon that wanted to kill Yosef? What was the difference between the roles of Shimon and Levi? How was that reflected in Zimri and Pinchos? Why did Dina want to specifically marry Shimon? Why was it specifically Shimon that was incarcerated when Yosef accused his brothers of being spies? What is…

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We are part of one whole

I found your blog while doing some legwork on Jews in Austin (where my mother was from) and found objectionable the thought that Israeli Jews actually would believe they are living out atonements for the sins of all the Jews in the world. Albeit I might be living in the diaspora of the USA, I…

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