Rosh Chodesh

Bo – Nissan Month of Redemption

What is the concept of Nissan being the first of the months? Why is this the first commandment the Jewish people receive as a nation? What is the idea of the ‘keitz’ and the ‘ibbur’ in regards to redemption? What is the concept of ‘the first’ and how does it relate to Hashem, Jerusalem, Moshiach…

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Chanukah, yesod, Yosef

If we look at each month as a ten sets of three, we discover a pattern that repeats itself. The number ten always corresponds to the ten sefiros, so we can unearth a lot of information if we look at it through that lens. The month looks as follows: Day of month 1-3 Keser4-6 Chochmah7-9…

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