Acharei – Seducing the Satan

Why do we seem to offer a sacrifice to the Other Side on Yom Kippur? Why does the atonement occur then? Why do we offer the exact same type of animal to Hashem as to the Other Side? Is Yakov sincere in his gift to Esav and his admission that Esav should have the blessings?…

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Bereshis – The snake and the Satan

Why does the snake cause man to sin? What does it mean that the spiritual being, the Satan, that ‘rode’ on the snake was jealous? How does an exalted spiritual being experience jealousy? What was the ‘meat’ and ‘wine’ that Adam ate in the Garden? What was the significance of naming the animals? Find out…

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Yom Kippur – Bribing the Satan

What is the secret of the goat that was sent to the wilderness? How can we conceive of the concept of a bribe for the Satan? What is the parallel to the story of Yakov and Esav? How does this apply to our unique times? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast. Running time: 22:39

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