Pesach – Pieces of Completion

What is the depth of the count from Pesach (Passover) to Shavuos? How were the Jews able to be redeemed through a merit that was only to be in the future – of receiving the Torah? What is the concept of the purification of the confusion of the imagination? How can one access a future…

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Malchus sheb'chesed, yesod sheb'yesod

So if you have been following the progression we have been seeing so far, there is an incredible correspondence between three sets of days: 25 Adar -> 16 Nissan (Pesach) -> 6 Sivan (Shavuos)1 Sivan -> 20 Sivan -> 9 Av17 Tammuz -> 9 Av -> 1 Tishrei (Rosh Hashana) The first day on each…

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