Malchus sheb'chesed, yesod sheb'yesod

So if you have been following the progression we have been seeing so far, there is an incredible correspondence between three sets of days: 25 Adar -> 16 Nissan (Pesach) -> 6 Sivan (Shavuos)1 Sivan -> 20 Sivan -> 9 Av17 Tammuz -> 9 Av -> 1 Tishrei (Rosh Hashana) The first day on each…

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Maharsha Moed Katan 28

Hashem dropped another Maharsha onto me which I believe is extremely significant. It is worth seeing inside, and can be found in Moed Katan on page 28. I heard it said over at a Shalom Zachar this past Friday night, and yesterday in the morning, it hit me as to why I needed to hear…

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Matos-Masei – Unifying Hashem

Was the request of the tribes of Reuven and Gad and part of Menashe an appropriate one? Most of the commentaries say No, but Rabbenu Bachai seems to say both yes and no. What were the positives and negatives? Why did Moshe give them specific advice, and did the advice work? Find out in this…

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