Why Dairy?

One of the minhagim that many in Klal Yisrael perform on Shavuos is that they are careful to eat a Yom Tov meal that is dairy. At first glance, this would seem to be an unusual custom. What is its deeper significance, and why is it a custom that is specifically in tune with the…

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Rabbi Perr on Shavuos

The following shiur is a very moving piece on Torah and Shavuos that was given by my Rosh Yeshiva in 5767. The running time is about 45 minutes, and there is much to be gained from listening to it. Click here to hear the shiur.

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Shavuos and the light of Moshiach

What is Rebbe Akiva and his students’ connection to this time between Pesach and Shavuos? Why did they die then, and why do we mourn it to this day? What are the three times in history that the light of Moshiach was revealed, and how does this connect to Shavuos? What is Rebbe Akiva’s role…

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