sign of the times

Bring my children from afar

I recently read an article on Israel National News about the aliyah of a number of Yemenite Jews due to the terrorism there. It brought to mind the passuk in Yeshaya (43:6), “אומר לצפון תני ולתימן אל תכלאי הביאי בני מרחוק ובנותי מקצה הארץ” – “Say to the North wind, give, and to the Southerly…

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Sign of the times

From the mailbag: Ari, The day after election night, my host said to me the following: “My close friend in Lakewood was driving by the passport office and said it was flooded with Jews the day after the election. She drives by there all the time and she said it’s never like that.” Thought you…

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