Vaera – Silence Amidst Chaos

Why is the parsha split up in such a way that we get only the first seven plagues in this week’s parsha? What is the significance of the numbers seven and ten? Why is it so important for us to know that the Jews were singled out and that the plagues did not touch their…

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Vayigash – Tears, Silence and Shechina

What is the difference between the crying Yosef does with Benjamin, as opposed to his crying with his other brothers? Why does Benjamin merit to have the Divine Presence in his portion? What is the secret of the silence of Benjamin, Yosef, Rochel and Esther? Why do Yosef and Benjamin cry about the destruction of…

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Fields of Judah

Fields of Judah, sing your songAs the sun sets and its rays cast long shadowsacross the stalks lazily wavingIn the soft breezevoices whispering as they singTrust, just trustfor Hashem is all you needHe’s with you at every turneven as we sway to and froHe’s with us, tooFor all the fear melts awayWith trust. There’s no…

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