Behaaloscha – Lighting Hashem’s Flame

Why is the idea of the mitzvah raising me up specifically taught in regards to the menorah? What is the connection between the soul and the flame/menorah? Why is Moshe unable to fashion the menorah even after precise instructions, while Betzalel is able to intuitively fashion it? What does it mean that Betzalel stands in…

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Vayikra – Voice of Love

Why does God speak in a loud voice that is only heard by Moshe? Why is the soul singled out when it comes to sin? Why is the body not held accountable for sin? What is the understanding of the deep connection between souls, such that the action of one affects another? Find out in…

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Vayishlach – Truth of the Soul

Why does Yaakov return for the pachim ketanim – the small jugs? Why does the angel fight with him at that very moment? What is the difference between Esav’s statement ‘yesh li rav,’ – I have a lot – and Yaakov’s statement, ‘yesh li kol,’ – I have it all? Why is Yaakov’s name changed…

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