Shemos – Slaying the Snake

When Moshe doubts the Jewish people will believe him, why does Hashem tell him to throw down his staff? What is the symbolism of the staff? What is represented by its transformation into a snake? What is the unique power of the tzadik (which is contained in all of us) which transforms the snake back…

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Korach – Understanding the Tzaddik

What is the superficial view behind the rebellion of Korach? What is the special character of Aharon that is being challenged? How does this story parallel the story of Yosef and his brothers? What is the parallel to Amalek and the Jewish people? What is the concept of the staff of Aharon that flowers and…

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Va'era – Power of change

What is the concept of the name of Havaya that is being revealed through the Exodus? Why is the lineage of only the first three tribes given? Why is it placed here? What is the concept of Moshe’s staff, and why is it necessary as part of the plagues? Find out in this week’s Parsha…

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