Two stories about Moshiach

I recently verified this story from the grandson of the couple involved. My friend’s elderly grandmother, Miriam, remarried a number of years ago to R’ Shalom Shachne Zohn. They live in Jerusalem. R’ Shalom is now in his mid nineties and in his youth he studied in yeshiva in Mir in Poland and had the…

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5768 & 5769 in gematria

The first few posts here are posts that originally appeared on Dreaming of Moshiach. In the Haggada, there’s a song at the very end, and I dont know who wrote it, but it seems he may have known something. it says:קרב יום אשר הוא לא יום ולא לילה the gematria of the bold is תשס”ח…

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