Succos – Waters of Appreciation

What is the concept of water? Why does it come into play so much during Succos? How does it relate to the clouds of glory? How does it relate to the Lulav and the Succah (schach)? What is the connection between drawing the water to be offered on the mizbe’ach and ‘drawing’ Divine Inspiration? How…

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Why do we shake the lulav and esrog during hallel? Why do we only shake it at certain verses? Why do we stop shaking at Hashem’s name? Why does the Torah stay in the center without moving during Hoshanos? Why don’t we move at all on Shabbos? Why does the Torah enter into our circle…

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Masei – Coverings and Contrasts

What is the concept of the Succah? How does it remind us of the Divine Presence? Why does the same force of protection of the Jordan river have the potential to destroy us? Why must we remove the nations of Canaan? What is the root of the word and concept of idolatry? How does that…

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