Acharei Mos – Biding the Time

Why is the concept of the Avodah-service of the High Priest on Yom Kippur sandwiched between the death of Nadav and Avihu and the forbidden relationships? What does the midrash mean when it says Nadav and Avihu wanted the ‘old guys’ to move on so they could take over? What is the concept of ‘sustaining…

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Mikeitz – The End of Time

What is the concept of the ‘keitz’ – the end of time? How does that relate to the end of Yosef’s incarceration, and the end of the exile? What is the connection between the keitz (end) and the kotz (crown)? How does one access the transcendent temporal realm and draw it down ‘faster’ so that…

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Reeh – Spiritual Laws of Livelihood

What are the channels through which Hashem brings His influx of livelihood into the world? How does one attach oneself to Hashem, who is above time and space? What is the concept of making oneself ‘like an animal’ when it comes to depending on one’s intellect? What are the deeper spiritual rules that allow one…

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