Tu b’shvat

Yisro – Stages of completion

Why is the story of Yisro the preface to receiving the Torah? What is the connection between the fifteenth of Shvat and the receiving of the Torah? Why do we eat fruit on this day, if it is not about the product, but about the first budding? What is the deeper meaning of the concept…

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15 Shvat – 25 Adar

Tu b’shvat is exactly forty days before the 25th of Adar. My chevrusa, Yaakov Raice told me that it is brought down that just as we have a concept of “forty days before the fetus begins to take form”, we have a similar concept here. The 25th of Adar is the moment of Bereshis, according…

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Yisro – Light in the darkness

What is the significance of the advice of Yisro to Moshe to delegate his responsibilities? Why is this advice specifically given by Yisro, someone who has tried every form of idolatry? Why is the Torah given in the darkness? What is the significance of the holiday of Tu b’shvat? Why do we celebrate the New…

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