Kol HaNe'arim Boys Choir - Go Baltimore!

Let’s put a spotlight on The Kol Hanearim Choir, a Baltimore based choir for local yeshiva boys. Started 30 years ago by local Baltimore fathers Wayne Chesner, Michah Lager, and Moshe Rock, the choir has successfully put on many concerts for the community, be it at Pesach hotels or Chanukah events. The boys performed with many stars of the Jewish music industry, including Yaakov Shwekey, Simcha Leiner, Baruch Levine, and of course Ari Goldwag. But the choir has given the boys more than just a chance to entertain. The main goal has always been to be a catalyst to build self confidence, as well as provide a joyful and healthy outlet, all while giving an appreciation for Jewish music. No one is turned down, no matter his level of musical ability. Every boy is given a chance to shine. Some of the choir boys have continued on in their music journey, through writing, composing, and performing. Others have become wedding singers. And still others have become fathers who lovingly sing zemiros with their children, some of whom are second generation choir boys. The Choir has now teamed up with Ari Goldwag to produce a single with one of Ari’s original songs. Please consider supporting this wonderful cause to bring a single with Ari and the Kol Hanearim Choir to light, and in doing so, helping to build the next generation of confident Jewish boys and good Jewish music.

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