It's time for another round of a cappella!

let's get to $10,000 so we can produce Darkness to Redemption 5!

With over 15 a cappella albums already produced, it's once again time to create something together that has a very wide ranging impact - Darkness to Redemption 5!!!

The Darkness to Redemption series is special in that it is all slow and meaningful songs that relate to the time of the three weeks when our Holy Batei Mikdash were destroyed. The songs have the theme of either the sadness of Exile or the hope for the ultimate Redemption.

As you can see from the Spotify chart, of the 2.37 million streams over the last 12 months - the most popular time for the channel is during A Cappella Season. This means that you get the most 'bang for your buck' with your a cappella album participation!!!!

Over the last 12 years, baruch Hashem we have been able to release 15+ albums that have gone on to make a worldwide impact. Once again, this year, I would like to produce another awesome a cappella album - but it depends on you, my dear friends! Those who give $18 will get 2 exclusive bonus tracks and those who give $36 or more will receive 5 exclusive bonus tracks that will not appear on the commercial version of the album. You can also give at level $72 or $180 and make a larger impact.

If you would like to dedicate a song in the honor of a special person, or in the memory of a loved one, you can choose the $500 option.

If you want to dedicate the album in the honor of a special person, or in the memory of a loved one - get in at the $3,000 level.

I thank you all, once again, for your participation and for truly making the albums possible, and serving as Hashem's messengers!!!

-Ari Goldwag

From the First D2R album!

Another D2R classic - BiYerushalayim:

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The classic duet with my mentor R' Yerachmiel Begun: