Bitachon, trust, is one of the most essential and fundamental aspects of the Jew's relationship with his Creator. The more one develops his trust, the more Hashem shows him that He is personally involved in his life. This trust has many advantages, many of which are explored in this podcast. The style of the podcast is based on the tradition of teaching Bitachon received from Rabbi Yechiel Perr, who in turn received it from Rabbi Aron Kotler. This style includes real-life examples and stories, beside textual-based lessons in developing trust in Hashem.

Sharei Bitachon - Gates of Trust (Previous Series)

You can find a translation of the Section in Chovos Halevavos on bitachon by clicking here.

1. Introduction to Bitachon
2. Two levels of Bitachon
3. Two levels of Bitachon II
4. Advantages of trust
5. Hashem provides livelihood
6. More advantages of bitachon
7. More advantages of bitachon II
8. Trust helps in torah and life
9. Yosef vs. Dovid
10. Advantages of Bitachon III
11. Lesson of the Mon
12. Seven conditions of trust
13. Five prerequisites for Bitachon
14. Holding onto Bitachon
15. Yakov's approach
16. Hashem is the root
17. Second and third prerequisites
18. Fourth and fifth conditions
19. Emes - truth
20. Why work?
21. Righteous suffering, evil succeeding
22. Different strokes, different folks
23. Seven areas of bitachon
24. Work, but know it's from Hashem
25. Bitachon in health matters
26. Errors in trust
27. We get what we need
28. Hashem loves us
29. Bitachon of the loner
30. Bitachon of the extrovert
31. Bitachon and serving Hashem
32. Relating to others
33. Reward here and there
34. Reward here and there II
35. Reward here and there III
36. Righteous reward
37. One who trusts vs. one who does not
38. One who trusts vs. one who does not II
39. Preparing for the future world
40. Understanding the Root Cause
41. Expanding awareness
42. Ten levels of trust
43. Bitachon b'li sibah
44. Bitachon b'li sibah II
45. The key to true bitachon
46. Crying and dancing
47. Path of bitachon
48. Path of bitachon II
49. Path of bitachon III
50. Complete and incomplete Bitachon
51. The power of powerful trust
52. Absolute bitachon
53. Yakov's bitachon
54. Acceptance and bitachon
55. Acceptance and bitachon II
56. Yosef's mistake
57. Yosef's mistake II
58. Yosef's mistake III
59. The Alshich and the donkey driver
60. What will we eat?
61. Bitachon and Shemitah
62. Bitachon and Shemitah II
63. Do we believe?
64. Trust of the wicked
65. Shmuel's bitachon
66. Two types of Bitachon
67. Two types of Bitachon II
68. Developing Bitachon
69. Who makes the bread?
70. Devoted to Hashem
71. Yetzer Hara's wiles
72. Yetzer Hara's wiles II
73. Simplistic thinking
74. Connecting to Hashem's Will
75. Lesson of the Manna
76. Absolute trust works
77. Bitachon - root of the Torah
78. Finding the balance
79. Connecting and implementing Bitachon
80. Acceptance and realism
81. Acceptance and prayer
82. Emunah in the night