Torah Learning with Ari

Nitsavim-Rosh Hashana – The Torah’s Awesome Power

By Ari Goldwag | September 22, 2022

What is the concept of the blessings we say before and after reading the Torah? Why do they mention the choseness of the people of Israel and qualify the Torah as a gift? Why do the Heavenly Angels desire the Torah if it seems to serve to help the Human Being to refine his character…

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Bitachon 77 – Bitachon, our National Treasure

By Ari Goldwag | September 20, 2022

We continue in sources from our sages for the idea of Bitachon. Among the ideas we discuss is that we were chosen by Hashem and given outstanding wisdom in order to have Bitachon. Furthermore, we have the ability, just as did Avraham, Sarah, Rivka, Rochel, Leah and Dovid – to access the power of Bitachon.…

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Ki Savo – Hearing His Voice Twice

By Ari Goldwag | September 16, 2022

Why does the Torah double the language in it’s statement that ‘it will be if you will hear, you will hear the voice of Hashem’ in regards to the great blessings we receive when we fulfil the will of Hashem? What is the meaning of the word ‘Amen?’ What is the reward for saying Amen,…

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Bitachon 76 – Hashem Provides

By Ari Goldwag | September 13, 2022

We discuss the idea that Hashem, as Creator of all reality, is the One who is available to provide us with all our needs. He created the world and did not leave it to run on its own, but is intimately involved in every aspect of reality, from the lowliest creature, to the pinnacle of…

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Ki Seitze – Understanding the Mitzvos

By Ari Goldwag | September 9, 2022

What is the theme that runs through the mitzvos of mila, karbanos and sending away the mother bird? Why does the Midrash indicate that Hashem has compassion on the birds if the Gemara says that whoever says such a thing is quieted? Why does the Torah indicate the reward for keeping the mitzvah of sending…

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Bitachon 75 – Bitachon Battle Gear

By Ari Goldwag | September 7, 2022

We discuss the idea that with Bitachon, our battles look different because our shields and swords are the protection and prayers that we use to reinforce our reliance on Hashem. CLICK HERE to listen Running time: 19:47

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Shoftim – Keeping Bias in Check

By Ari Goldwag | September 2, 2022

Why is it that a close relative can not be a witness nor a judge in one’s court case? What can we learn from this about personal bias and the path to keeping it in check? What is the idea behind the fact that the pillars of the world are Truth, Justice and Peace? What…

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Bitachon 74 – When Hashem Says No

By Ari Goldwag | August 31, 2022

In discussing Bitachon recently, the question was asked to me – what happens if Hashem says no? I thought I had one answer for the question, but Hashem showed me another answer… CLICK HERE to listen Running time: 21:38

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Re’eh – Greater Expansion

By Ari Goldwag | August 26, 2022

Why does the Torah first talk about giving to the Levi and then about the expansion of the borders of Eretz Yisrael? How does this connect to the Torah’s allowing eating meat in all circumstances, which had been previously permitted only when part of a sacrifice? How does this concept connect to the idea of…

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Bitachon 73 – Always Remember Hashem

By Ari Goldwag | August 24, 2022

Our power is in our prayer, through which we constantly remember that it is Hashem Who provides for all our needs. We need only trust in Him, and not in any human being. We also speak about kavana and prayer – directing our confidence toward Hashem. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio Running time:…

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