Torah Learning with Ari

Gog and Magog – part 2

By Ari Goldwag | March 19, 2009

I began this post a few months ago, meaning to complete it pretty soon afterwards, but just had not gotten to it. There is a lot to say about Gog and Magog, and I wanted to give a little idea of what this place is and where it might be, based on some solid sources.…

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Singing for real

By Ari Goldwag | March 15, 2009

I would like to share the following story that has happened on a number of occasions, with slight variations. There is something deep and human about this experience, as you will soon see. As you may know, Hashem sends me parnassah through music – I play and sing at weddings and other simchas. Quite often,…

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Seeds of redemption

By Ari Goldwag | March 13, 2009

Before Purim, someone shared a beautiful pshat with me in the name of the Chasam Sofer (I believe). If one goes back to the root of the miracle of Purim, we can trace the beginning stage to the party of Achashverosh that is described at the beginning of the story. During that party, the king…

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Az die rebbe zingt

By Ari Goldwag | March 12, 2009

This is a video of my father (Mr. Murray Goldwag) singing in a nursing home in Jerusalem on February 28, 2009. My mother (Mrs. Meryl Goldwag) is accompanying him on the guitar. My father shared with me that of all the experiences he has had here in Israel since living here starting in September, this…

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Purim gelt

By Ari Goldwag | March 11, 2009

Guest post by Daniel Based on my best calculations, I gave very close to, or just over, $25 in tzedakah throughout Purim this year. I was makpid to the best of my ability to always give something to anyone that asked me. Upon arriving back at my house, there was a letter waiting for me,…

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Why drink?

By Ari Goldwag | March 9, 2009

Hi Mr. Goldwag,I have a question if you don’t mind. Why is it a mitzvah to get drunk on Purim??I hope you are having a wonderful Purim! On the surface level, the mitzvah has to do with the fact that the miracles of Purim came about because of the mishteh – the parties that occurred.…

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By Ari Goldwag | March 8, 2009

Did you ever understand the depth of why we get drunk on Purim? And why is it specifically to the point where we can’t tell the difference between the cursed nature of Haman and the blessed nature of Mordechai? Find out in this special Purim edition of the Parsha Podcast!

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Moshiach's appointed time

By Ari Goldwag | March 4, 2009

ליל שימורים הוא לה’ להוציאם מארץ מצרים הוא הלילה הזה לה’ שימרים לכל בני ישראל לדורותם – A night of protection is it unto Hashem, to take them out of the land of Egypt, [such is] this night unto Hashem, protection for all of the children of Israel for all their generations. (Shemos 12:42) The…

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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

By Ari Goldwag | February 27, 2009

This winter has been terribly dry for us in Israel, as many of you may know. The water levels here are dangerously low, and the drought is having a devastating effect on this year’s crops. We have been saying special tefilos for rain every day, and there was even a special fast not too long…

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Understanding a Gadol

By Ari Goldwag | February 26, 2009

A good friend of mine is a very close talmid of Rav Goldstein, the Rosh Yeshiva of Sha’arei Yosher. Sha’arei Yosher is a special school in Jerusalem that generally caters to Charedi Israeli students who have found themselves distanced from the path of their ancestors. The yeshiva does a wonderful job of helping these young…

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