Torah Learning with Ari

Vayikra – Longing to Return

By Ari Goldwag | March 24, 2023

What is the lesson of the reference of geirim (converts) as ‘those who return to the Divine shadow?’ In what ways are the geirim compared to the people of Israel themselves, who are like grains and vines? Why does Hashem call out to Moshe from the Tabernacle specifically with the name given to him by…

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Bitachon 103 – Knowing Hashem’s Name

By Ari Goldwag | March 22, 2023

We explore the famous passuk ‘v’yivtichu vecha’ that talks of those who know Hashem’s name and trust in Him, and how Hashem never forsakes those who seek Him. When we understand that Hashem’s name means that He is always with us, this gives us the strength to have full confidence in His ultimate salvation. CLICK…

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Vayakhel-Pekudei – Drawing Down Blessings

By Ari Goldwag | March 17, 2023

What is the concept of ‘with the bringing’ of contributions, there is also a ‘contribution of Hashem?’ What is the concept of the word ‘v’zos’ – and this? How does one draw down blessings upon oneself? How does one merit Divine Assistance – the presence of the Shechina-Divine Presence? What is the concept of Knesses…

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Bitachon 102 – Growth from the Challenges

By Ari Goldwag | March 14, 2023

We discuss the verse which speaks of the Hashem saving us from the challenging situation, but is understood to mean that the very challenge itself serves to humble us and bring us to a spiritual level which itself serves to bring about the salvation we seek. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio Running time:…

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Ki Sisa – Knowing and Doing

By Ari Goldwag | March 10, 2023

What was it that Hashem ‘saw’ before He created the world? What is the difference between seeing and hearing? How does this relate to Chochma/Wisdom and Binah/Intuitive Understanding? What are the stages of the Torah’s unfolding, first at Sinai, then with the Tabernacle, and then as the Jews were about to enter Israel? Where do…

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Bitachon 101 – Ask For Torah Success

By Ari Goldwag | March 8, 2023

We explore the idea that in order for the request we make with our Bitachon to be fulfilled, the focus needs to be on success in Torah, mitzvos and spiritual matters – then we are guaranteed that we will have Divine Assistance. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio Running time: 25:23

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Tetzaveh – Diamonds and Covenants

By Ari Goldwag | March 3, 2023

Why is the concept of the Bris-Covenant (Circumcision) the very merit that Aharon the High Priest is accompanied by when he enters the Holy of Holies to get atonement for the Jewish people? How does this parallel the fact that the Efod, containing the 12 precious stones that correspond to the 12 tribes also serves…

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Bitachon 100 – Rejoice with Bitachon!

By Ari Goldwag | February 28, 2023

We discuss the pasuk which speaks of the joy that the individual has when they trust in Hashem and ultimately see the salvation that is in store for them. This is true on a national level, and also on a personal level. The Tzadik-Righteous one is defined as one who has Bitachon. CLICK HERE to…

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Terumah – Unique Relationship

By Ari Goldwag | February 24, 2023

Why is the gematria of Torah only 611 if the number of commandments is 613? What is the concept of the Torah being a ‘yerusha’ – an inheritance? How is it that our relationship to the Torah is at first like an engagement, and then like a full marriage? What is the unique relationship that…

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Bitachon 99 – Offerings of Righteousness

By Ari Goldwag | February 22, 2023

We discuss the passuk in Tehillim (Psalms) where King David asks us to give ‘offerings of righteousness’ and then to ‘have bitachon in Hashem.’ This can mean a number of different things, but the underlying theme is that if we focus on our spiritual accomplishments, we can be sure that we will see the reward…

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