Torah Learning with Ari

Toldos – Finding Our True Voice

By Ari Goldwag | November 25, 2022

What is the reason for the repetition of the word ‘kol’ – voice – in the statement of Yitzchak that the voice sounds like Yakov and not Esav? What is the reason for the doubling of the language of Esav’s ‘hands’ and what do we learn from the voice of Yakov being placed next to…

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Bitachon 86 – It’s About Our Relationship

By Ari Goldwag | November 22, 2022

We continue in pesukim from Tehillim (Psalms) where King David inspires us with his Bitachon – which he asked Hashem that it not produce embarrasment by going unanswered. It is this powerful faith that produces a connection to Hashem that does not falter. Even if the odds are stacked against me, I place my trust…

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Chayei Sarah – Invest Again

By Ari Goldwag | November 18, 2022

What is the lesson that the Torah imparts with teaching us that Avraham married Keturah in his later years and had six children with her? Why should one ‘spread one’s investment’ over a number of lucrative possibilities? Why did R’ Akiva’s earlier students all perish, while his later students, who were much fewer, thrived and…

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Bitachon 85 – Hashem’s Kindness is Forever

By Ari Goldwag | November 15, 2022

We continue in the verses from Tehillim (Psalms) discussing the power of Bitachon and the Kindness of Hashem upon which it rests. The sense of calmness and the answer to our prayers is what Bitachon provides. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio

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Vayera – Shofar of Moshiach

By Ari Goldwag | November 11, 2022

What is the meaning of the word ‘after’ that follows the word ‘ram’ in the verse which refers to the ram that Avraham found and offered as a sacrifice in place of his son Yitzchok? How did Avraham use this ram if it might have belonged to someone? What is the significance of the fact…

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Bitachon 84 – Trust Completely in Hashem

By Ari Goldwag | November 9, 2022

We continue discussing pesukim in Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) and Tehillim, and the powerful words of Yirmiyahu and King David form the backbone of our discussion of the importance of putting our full trust only in Hashem. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio Running time: 21:55

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Lech Lecha – Two Halves of a Whole

By Ari Goldwag | November 4, 2022

What is the deeper meaning behind the name change of Sarai to Sarah? What is the concept of the ‘Woman of Valor’ who is the ‘crown of her husband?’ In what way was Sarah greater than Avraham? What is meant when the letter ‘yud’ of the name Sarai splits and half is distributed to Avraham…

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Bitachon 83 – Bitachon and Redemption

By Ari Goldwag | November 2, 2022

We discuss three verses in Yeshaya (Isaiah), one of which is particularly well known, and another two that are lesser known. All three are themed on the idea of Bitachon and how we can leave the darkness of sin and exile and experience redemption through our Bitachon in Hashem. CLICK HERE to listen to the…

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Noach – Being True to the Mission

By Ari Goldwag | November 2, 2022

What is the lesson of the black color of the raven who was initially sent on a mission by Noach to discover if they could leave the ark? Why did Noach argue that the raven didn’t deserve its existence as it did not seem to have a spiritual purpose? What was Hashem’s response to Noach’s…

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Bitachon 82 – Help vs. Salvation

By Ari Goldwag | October 25, 2022

We complete the section from the Zohar and begin discussing verses in Tanach that relate to the idea of Bitachon – first among them, the verse in Yeshaya (Isaiah) that refers to Hashem as the G-d of my salvation – what is the difference between a helper and a savior? CLICK HERE to listen Running…

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