Lesson from the ants

Today I went with my family to a little park we call the “Shady Park,” which is a five minute drive from our home. We spent some nice time together, and then I went off for a few minutes of alone time. As I was walking along, I came across a group of ants, busily working on bringing in goods to their abode.

I was struck by two ants who struggled valiantly to move a large seed that was clearly more than they could handle. Even as help came in and a third ant came to help, they were still unsuccessful. They would not be deterred. For all I know, they are still struggling to bring the seed home.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that we must never give up hope. We have to know that even when all seems hopeless, and there is no way we can accomplish our spiritual task, nevertheless Hashem is our loving Father who looks at our effort. We need never be discouraged, even when we seem to fail, for Hashem loves the fact that we are trying.

The ants seem to intuitively know that somehow they can succeed, despite the impossible odds. We too can succeed, and our success can be just the fact that we put in our full efforts.

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