This Year

As I was saying the Kinos on Tisha B’av day, I was struck by something very interesting in the eighth Kinah.

It goes like this:
אילותי לעזרתי תרתי חזות, אימתי בכל שנה אומרת היא השנה הזאת, אידע לכל כי מודעת זאת, אם לא כי יד ה’ עשתה זאת

The Artscroll translates:
I seek to witness [the fulfillment of my plea], ‘O my Strength [God], come to my assistance!’ My awe-inspiring nation proclaims every year, ‘This is the year [of redemption]!’ [When that time comes] I shall announce to everyone, so that it will be universally known, that [it could not have happened] had the hand of God not wrought all this!

It is Tisha B’av that is the basis of our redemption – represented by the concept that Moshiach is born on Tisha B’av. Tisha B’av sows the seeds in our hearts to constantly yearn for the Shechinah’s return from exile. This is being expressed here by the poet in his (and our!) constant desire to believe and hope that this is the year!

The Gematria of שנה הזאת (this year) is תשס”ח – corresponding to the year we are in now – 5768.

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