The Real Moshiach

I recently came across a very important statement Galia made in her book. You will find it on pages 113-114.

Ima: Is the time of the Mashiach coming soon?
Galia: Yes, my dear Ima, mighty and wonderful revelations await us so soon. But you have to be very wary of people who define themselves as messiahs. Soon there will be confusion. At the time of the revelation of Mashiach, the number of people who have risen to a high spiritual level will increase, and people will see and feel things such as there never were in all the generations. As we now draw closer to the time of the Mashiach, geula revelations that had previously been shown only to private individuals will be shown to the public.

Ima: Is Mashiach with us yet?
Galia: Mashiach is here with us. He is alive and with us here and now. He is all ready and waiting to be revealed. We all have to get ready to welcome him since it depends on us to determine how and when he will reveal himself.

Ima: It doesn’t seem logical to me that everyone will do teshuva. So what then? Mashiach will never come?
Galia: Ima, leave your logic out of it. Mashiach comes in every generation and we simply don’t receive him. But soon we will have to accept him. Either we prepare ourselves or Hashem will prepare us. Only through teshuva will we be able to welcome him quickly and without suffering.

Ima: Galia, when the Mashiach is revealed, how will we know that he is the true Mashiach?
Galia: Ima, when the Mashiach is revealed, everyone will know that he is the true Mashiach. He will have signs which will come together with him. The signs will be very clear and his authenticity will leave no doubt in the heart of anyone that he is indeed the Mashiach of Israel.

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