Thinking ahead

This story starts off rather normal. But a discerning ear will hear greatness here.

Last night, the wife of an old friend of mine called. Her in-laws will be in town and staying in my area and she heard that I may be out for Shabbos Chanukah for a simcha.

I confirmed that I would be in Jerusalem for that Shabbos, and my apartment would be available. It would be great to have them stay in my home.

Then she somewhat abashedly asked where I light Chanukah candles.

Not comprehending at first, I stumbled and said, “In the bedroom, in the window that faces the street.”

It dawned on me that her husband (or perhaps she?) had thought ahead. Not only did they need an apartment for Shabbos, but they would need a proper place to light Chanukah candles!

I told her that my apartment is a second floor apartment and the window is not so visible from all angles. As far as ‘pirsumei nisa’ goes, they might be able to find a better suited apartment.

I realized that many times we make plans for the future that may or may not include the most important factor of our lives. Our avodas Hashem.

It’s not such a big deal to think about our davening schedule when making our flight plan. It does limit our options, but wouldn’t we limit them for something ‘really’ important like a big executive multi-million dollar business meeting? Tefillah is our chance to have that meeting with Hashem. Its power is enhanced manifold by joining with a minyan. Perhaps it could merit a second thought.

The plans that we make and the details that we notice can display where our true devotion lies.

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