Getting the message

I just heard the following story from my rav.

A wealthy man came to a certain gadol last week. He told the gadol that he had recently lost thirty million dollars. The wealthy man asked for a bracha for his parnasah.

Asked the gadol, “Do you have bread on your table?”

“Yes, baruch Hashem, we can still feed our family,” the man replied with a smile.

“Well, there are avrechim who have trouble putting food on their tables,” said the gadol seriously. “I’m not sure who I should have pity for, you or them.”

The wealthy man immediately wrote a very substantial check for tzedakah (as my rav told it, for two million dollars!).

To me, the amazing thing about this story is the willingness of the wealthy man to accept the gadol’s rebuke! I have no doubt that the merit of that alone will stand him in good stead in shamayim.

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