There's Hashgacha everywhere

Guest post by Daniel

The low number of Jewish casulaties from Hamas rocket fire is a great kindness to klal Yisrael. It is important to recognize such great kindness from Hashem. It is also important to recognize kindness on a personal level.

Here is a kindness that was done for me:

With my tight budget at the moment, I went to a local Judaica store a little weary of making purchases. However, I said to myself, “It’s for mitzvah purposes – Hashem will help somehow.” With that in mind, I purchased my oil, wicks, menorah, and a very-needed new pair of tzitzis.

The total for my mitzvah items was $34 and some change.

Three days later I received an unexpected “Chanukah” check in the mail from my grandmother for $35. Less than a dollar different from the amount I spent on mitzvah purchases at the Judaica store.

Lest you wave this away as chance, saying, “Oh, well anyone is bound to get some money from a relative this time of year,” there is more: the check was dated for 3 days prior, the exact day I made my mitzvah purchases.

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