Miracles in Ashdod

My wife attends a weekly shiur in chinuch from a certain Rebbetzin Fried (name changed). Rebbetzin Fried has a son who lives in Ashdod. Her son went to ask Rav Kanievsky if it was wise to remain in Ashdod, and Rav Kanievsky said that it is NOT a danger to remain there.

She then told the following story.

A few days ago, the warning siren malfunctioned and did not give people a chance to get to their bomb shelters. The missile fell and no one was hurt. It later became apparent that the place the missile had fallen was on a major bomb shelter where many people who work together normally gather. If the siren had worked properly, there would have been great casualties!

Clearly Hashem is protecting us. Keep up your tefilos wherever you are. This is our greatest protection.

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