Why drink?

Hi Mr. Goldwag,
I have a question if you don’t mind. Why is it a mitzvah to get drunk on Purim??
I hope you are having a wonderful Purim!

On the surface level, the mitzvah has to do with the fact that the miracles of Purim came about because of the mishteh – the parties that occurred. The main one was the party Esther made for Achashverosh and Haman. Haman’s downfall was in that party when Achasverosh was drunk and angry and had him killed. On a deeper level, the whole story of Purim is one of finding Hashem beneath the surface of the story – removing the ‘mask’ of what is truly deeper. Wine accomplishes this same thing – נכנס יין יצא סוד – when wine enters, the secret comes out. This really means that wine reveals what is behind the ‘mask’ of a person – who they really are – a reflection of Hashem.

have a wonderful Purim,
Ari Goldwag

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