Understanding the Geulah process

I would like to share some more of the sefer Acharis Kereshis that I have been reading again recently.

The book begins with some quotes from the Ramchal as well as the Gra.

In the Mamar Hageulah of the Ramchal (page 54), he writes:

One should know that there are two significant times in the redemption process, which were both found in the redemption from Egypt as well as the redemption from Babylonia. These two stages will occur in the future redemption, may it be speedily in our days. The verse that I quoted at the beginning refers to this when it says (Micha 7:8), “Let my enemy not rejoice over me” – this is the first time, which is called פקידה – ‘conceptual remembering.’ [The verse continues,] “When I sit in darkness, Hashem is my Light” – this is the second time, which is called זכירה – ‘active remembering.’

This is not the only verse, as we find numerous verses that hint to these two stages. Thus we find (yeshaya 52:2), “Move from the dust, arise O captives of Jerusalem” – this refers to the פקידה – ‘conceptual remembering;’ “Open the shackles on your neck O captive daughters of Zion” – this is reference to the זכירה – ‘active remembering’ stage. Similarly we find (Yeshaya 60:1) “Arise and shine for your light has come” – this again refers to the ‘conceptual remembering;’ “And the honor of Hashem shines upon you” – here again is reference to the stage of ‘active remembering.’

Now I will start to explain the character of these two stages with great secrets, and since they are indeed so great, I will not explain them at length, and I will only say that which is absolutely necessary for a basic understanding, so understand this well.

The time of פקידה, ‘conceptual remembering,’ was the first stage in [the redemption process in] Egypt. This is what the Torah refers to when it says (Shemos 2:25), “Elokim saw the children of Israel, and Elokim knew.” I will tell you what this פקידה is, and it should be understood that at this stage the original damage is the one that is being rectified, and even this rectification is not complete. The other damages are only rectified at the stage of זכירה – ‘active remembering.’ In regards to this [second stage], we find the verse says (Shemos 2:24), “And Elokim heard their cries, and Elokim remembered His covenant…” Also understand that the first stage is through [the Sefirah of] Yesod, as I told you, and the revelation of the second stage is through [the Sefirah of] Tiferes. It is through this mechanism that the spiritual power is available for Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben Dovid to accomplish their tasks at each of the stages of the final redemption.

To be continued…

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