Understanding Moshiach – part 3

I have recorded a third episode of the Moshiach podcast. Again, there is a lot of new material that has not been posted here from the Kessin brothers and running time is about a half hour.

Here’s the description from Itunes:

In this podcast we continue to explore the Jewish nation’s role in bringing the ultimate redemption of Mankind. We accompany them in their journey through the exile and understand how their mission is completed through their observance of the commandments, through repentance, or Heaven forbid, through difficulties. This theme plays itself out quite clearly in the current exile in the Western/Christian world, which has replaced Rome, the descendant of Esav. We also see clearly how whenever the Jew sins, the sparks of Holiness are given to the side of Evil. We also explore the duality of the verse in Isaiah 60:22 that speaks of two possible times for Moshiach’s advent – either ‘in its time’ or ‘hastened.’

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