Avraham and Moshiach

I got the following email from Daniel

In the second aliyah.

“Vayakam sde Efron”
“It had an ascension in that it left the possession of a commoner for the possession of a king.”

And the thought came to me:
“Sde Efron ascended when Avraham avinu, a melech, acquired it. So too the entire world will ascend b’yadei melech haMoshiach, bb”a.”

anything to add?


To which I responded:

At first I did not. Then, after davening mariv, I thought of this פירוש הדברים.

Why is it that when the property enters the tzaddik’s domain it ascends? It is because the tzaddik uses all of his possessions in service of Hashem. The greatest elevation of the world is when it is put into use for the purpose of a mitzvah. Now that the land entered into Avraham’s domain, it would be used for one of the greatest mitzvahs – חסד של אמת. This was its ascension.

Similarly, when Moshiach comes, the world will have the most unbelievable ascension, because his entire purpose will be to show us how everything in creation – every last molecule and atom – can be used in the service of Hashem. We will see the incredible unity that is brought about through our service of Hashem and how all can be raised in this most worthy of goals.


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