The Call

My good friend Yehuda (Judah) David, of Rockiah fame, shared the following song, the lyrics of which were written by his wife, and melody and music by Yehuda.

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Scattered throughout the world our temple was destroyed
Our land lay barren and fallow in our hearts we felt the void
But we held on to the promise to the message of the Lord
One day we would return our dignity restored

Do you hear the whisper of a faint and gentle call?
G-d is beckoning his children to come home once and for all
For the land of our past is where our future lies as well
Joined together as one people in the land of Yisrael

Thousands of years we’ve waited in our prayers we’ve always yearned
To be brought close once again for our souls to be returned
Only once her sons came back to her did the land begin to bloom
A dead language came back to life again now the bride awaits her groom.

Chorus repeats

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