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It is not my way to overtly ask for tzedakah, however, the case I am about to present is one that I know intimately, and involves very close friends of mine. I am changing all names and any identifying information for the sake of the family’s privacy.

About four years ago, Mrs. Goldberg called me to tell me that her son, who was then about 15, was in need of some tefilos, as he had some kind of issues with his back. It became clear that these were not minor issues, but rather, her son had weakness in his arm that was a result of a tumor in his spine. The removal of the tumor required that they fly to Belgium and their son underwent a seven to eight hour surgery that was both complicated and extremely dangerous. The expense was also incredible, but through much hashgacha pratis, their difficulty was passed and their son returned to normal life for the last few years. The situation has been constantly monitored, and MRI’s recently showed that the tumor has unfortunately returned. This young man, who is also a budding young Torah scholar, must now return to Belgium to face the surgery again, and the price for the operation has risen to $46,000. This is a sum that is not covered by the family’s insurance, and is well beyond their means. I am, bl’n, donating as much as I can to this cause, and I ask you to do the same. The money you donate will help to save this young man’s life and his future, as well, be’H. What follows is a letter from R’ Zev Leff, the rav of Moshav Matityahu, and a close friend of the ‘Goldberg’ family.

Rabbi Zev Leff
Rabbi of Moshav Matityahu
Rosh Hayeshiva-Yeshiva Gedola Matityahu

D.N. Modiin 71917 08-976-1138

כ סיון תש”ע
June 2, ’10

Dear Friends,

Our friends the Goldbergs have need of your help. As you know, four years ago, their son was flown to Belgium for emergency surgery to remove a large benign tumor in his spine. B’chasdei Hashem the surgery was a success and his follow up of MRI’s since then had shown everything to be in order. The latest MRI has shown that the tumor has regrown and has begun affecting his arm strength indicating that it needs to be removed. Since this is an extremely complex and dangerous surgery, it needs to be performed again in Belgium and is scheduled for June 24, 12 Tammuz.

The cost of the surgery is $46,000 and is not covered by their Israel health insurance. Due to the sensitivities involved I advised them that the information be shared only with close friends and family and those already familiar with the situtation. This, of essence, limits the direct collecting of the money needed and the surgery cannot be done until payment is made. I am therefore, turning to you to share the burden with them using you ma’aser money and your contacts.

This is a quality mitzvah and I commend you in advance for you involvement.

With Torah Blessings
Rabbi Zev Leff

If you can, please donate generously. Any and all donations will be appreciated, no matter the sum.

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