Purim cards/Sefer Torah

A friend of mine is involved with the following project, which seems to be a worthy cause. Check it out for yourself.

Friends and family around the world?

Here is an easy and meaningful way to send them Purim cards in lieu of Shalach manos, with the click of a few buttons and benefit the needy in Ramat Bet Shemesh, at the same time!


These are not typical Purim cards.
By sending a Torah Letter Purim card, the recipient will own a letter in a Sefer Torah being donated to the Kotel thus enabling them to fulfill a rare mitzvah and providing them with a unique Purim treat!


Don’t miss out, here is a great way to bring Purim joy to all – You benefit
by sending a unique and meaningful Purim card – easily – all from the comfort of your home The recipients benefit by receiving a memorable gift in honor of Purim.
And the needy in RBS benefit by receiving matanot l’eveyonim.

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