Something Different

Here is a song that I wrote today, called Something Different.

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There’s something different in the air
Things are changing everywhere
All the walls are crumbling down
Emptiness is all around

Angry voices serenade
tauntingly their music plays
Somewhere in the raucous din
A quiet voice is there within

Peel away the layers of anger and sorrow
Open up your heart to the gift of tomorrow
Find the love, accept what you’re given with gladness
Open up the door and escape from your sadness

The darkness that surrounds us now
Is a chance, I’ll show you how
to uncover endless light
Lift your wings, begin your flight

In the darkest depths of night
When it seems no hope’s in sight
It’s that very place you’ll find
The still, fine voice of peace of mind

The secret hidden in your heart
Hashem has been there from the start
Waiting for you patiently
to open up your destiny

All you need to see His hand
to begin to understand
Move beyond the selfish drive
Reveal the love you have inside

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  1. Anonymous on January 6, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Words are so meaningful. Thank you.

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