New from

Naaleh College

proudly announces

the opening of Naaleh College,

the world’s premier online Jewish College! has already become a trusted

name in online Jewish education with over

20,000 active members and thousands of

online lectures by our dynamic staff.

Now Naaleh has taken the next bold

step of becoming an independant

college recognized and licensed

by the State of Florida.

We have designed a unique program incorporating

the Torah courses currently on, so you can

keep studying Torah online while working towards a career!

We will be offering Bachelor’s degrees in Judaic Studies, Computer

Information Management, Business Management, and Psychology,

and Associate’s degrees in Computer Information and Graphic Design.

All degree programs will be offered at a phenomenally low tuition.


Classes start Jan. 9, 2012- so apply now to be part of the Naaleh experience.

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  1. Moriah on December 14, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    One can only dream…;-)

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