Vayeshev – Unconditional Love and Judgment

What was at the root of the animosity the brothers had toward Yosef? If Yosef was a tzaddik, who represented the concept of Hashem’s unconditional love, why did that love not seem to extend to his brothers – why did he speak negatively of them instead of finding their good points? Why was Reuven the one who was uniquely able to speak on Yosef’s behalf? The mesorah seems to clearly hold all of the brothers responsible (except for Reuven) for the sale of Yosef. Why would the children of Bilhah and Zilpah also have been part of this if Yosef stood on their side? What changed in Yosef from before he was sold until his brothers returned much later and he showed such absolute compassion? Does one need to be forced to do the right thing, or is love potentially a more powerful motivational force?

Find out in this week’s parsha podcast.

Running time: 22:32

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