Step by step

Quote of the Day – Charles Atlas – “Step by step and the thing is done.”

This popped up on top of my screen in my gmail.
We want it now.
…or yesterday.
nah, rather it now.
We want our way, and we know what’s best.
And we have no idea. We think that we were wronged. We think that we have a right.
And we were, and we do.
And we don’t.
That’s Yosef. He says to his brothers – yes, I had a right to do with you as I wish.
And I chose to connect to something so much deeper and so much higher.
And I chose forgiveness.
Yes, you wronged me.
Yes, you destroyed me.
Yes, you took away my rights and you trampled them and sold me into slavery and I ended up in jail for 12 years.
But that was all Hashem.
Don’t you see where I am?
My mouth is speaking to you. Don’t you see? My mouth = malchus. I am king.
not despite what you did to me.
Because of what you did.
Really, what you didn’t do.
What He did. For all of us.
Step by step and the thing is done.
This story isn’t over yet.
Just wait. Just wait. Just wait.

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  1. in the vanguard on March 14, 2014 at 10:29 am

    And then spoke the children of the children of Yosef and his brothers:
    "At Sinai we got to see Pure Divinity.
    "Then the sky shut off the marvelous spectacle,
    after the Sinai event;
    "The curtain would stay closed for more than 3 millennia;
    "But the spectacle of seeing Hashem we will again don on the children's children's children;
    "When together all Jews will dance with Moshiach!"

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