Balak – Getting Hashem’s Hint

The Parsha Podcast celebrates its 10 year anniversary – 10 years of podcasts every week! How was R’ Yochanan able to understand the hint of the angel and go on to greatness? What was the difference between Moshe and Yaakov vs. David and Mordechai when it came to getting the hint? Why did Bilaam get open and subtle hints? How do we recognize Hashem’s hints for us?

Find out in this week’s parsha podcast.

Running time: 25:30

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  1. Cb on July 9, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    I loved this wks parsha podcast, thank u
    And mazel tov on ur ten yr anniversary , Hashem should continue to give u the siyata dishmaya, daas and binah to continue to do all the amazing things u do ..
    I want to add to ur podcast, how many of us can say that we did or do “hear” or “feel” certain “hints” from Hashem as u put it.. maybe for some its more obvious, a dream or an outward comment by someone, and maybe for others its more suddle, just a subconsious feeling that is felt , this feeling we learn too also comes from Hashem bc all our thoughts snd feelings come from Hashem too…
    taking ur podcast one step further, as we know Hashem loves us all, more than we can imagine ,and is guiding us all always , I think our job is to not only “hear” the message of Hashem , but to ACCEPT it. To truly accept Hashems will, whatever it is. We may not want to, we may not agree, we may pretend we were “hinted” to something else other than what we understood bc we didn’t like our “hint” and what we heard. And that I think is our biggest ongoing nissayon too in this life, to truly trust in Hashem, know He always has us and our best interests at heart, and if we can accept without pushing back on Hashems will and accept whatever it is Hashem wants for us, we will b zoche to reach truly high levels of greatness .. and we will b guiding to great things and IyH be zoche to miracles and it is brought down too.. when u make Hashems will ur will, He makes your will His will..
    And by accepting Hashems “hints” and message and direction for us without complaining we r also truly crowning Hashem as our King and really living by our words as we say and crown Hashem in tefillah each day, “Hashem melech”

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