Emor – Questions and Silence

What is the concept of the ‘seventh’ month – Tishrei, which hosts the day of Rosh Hashana? How does the word Shevi’i-Seventh relate to the word Shevuah-Oath? Why was an oath necessary when Avraham completed his challenge with the binding of Yitzchak – wasn’t that a time of love – why did Hashem make an oath, as it were? What is the idea behind Avraham’s silence in the face of Hashem’s request to do the unthinkable – sacrifice Yitzchak, and with him, the future of the Jewish people? How does that elicit an oath for Hashem to have compassion on His people even when they sin throughout the generations? What is the concept of the shofar which is blown on the seventh month, and the pause that it brings in our thinking?

Find out in this week’s parsha podcast.

Running time: 20:36

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