Ki Seitze – ‘Floating’ to Redemption

What is the deeper concept behind the obligation of circumcision? Why is it done on the eighth day? How does this relate to Hashem’s compassion? In what way does Hashem show compassion for the animals and the birds? Why do we send away the mother bird when we take the baby birds? How do these two concepts connect? Why is it Tziporah, whose name means ‘bird’ who does the circumcision of Moshe’s son? What is the significance of the root of the word tzipor-bird, which is tzaf, which means to float? Why is the description of the sunrise ‘metzaftzefes’ – floating, which represents the redemption process? How does this relate to the words letzapos-to wait – which is used in waiting for redemption; and matzpun-conscience?

Find out in this week’s parsha podcast.

Running Time: 26:42

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