Ki Sisa – Knowing and Doing

What was it that Hashem ‘saw’ before He created the world? What is the difference between seeing and hearing? How does this relate to Chochma/Wisdom and Binah/Intuitive Understanding? What are the stages of the Torah’s unfolding, first at Sinai, then with the Tabernacle, and then as the Jews were about to enter Israel? Where do we see that it is not enough to understand the material before giving a lecture, but it needs to first be expressed to oneself? Why is the prerequisite for Torah ‘Yiras Chet’ – fear of sin? Why was Yocheved rewarded with a child – Moshe – who would give the Torah, and why was Miriam rewarded with a great grandchild – Betzalel – who would form the Tabernacle?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 25:42

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