Devarim – Og’s Piece of Cake

Why did the nations seem at first to fear the people of Israel, then come out bravely to attack us as we approached their territory? What was the strength they saw in us and what was our perceived weakness? Why did the Emori people ultimately bless ‘the hands’ of Moshe, even as they were being defeated? Why did Og, king of Bashn, receive his name from the word ‘ooga’ which means a piece of cake? What are the two ways of perceiving this Matza-cake? Why did Og talk about the ‘puny’ nature of Yitzchak when he was born and express his desire to ‘crush him with his little finger?’ How was Og ultimately felled, and what will be the feeling of the nations of the world as regards the Jewish people in the end of days?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 32:37

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